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M7 Model Function Machine

M7 Model Function Machine
M7 Model

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bio Zapper Information

How It Works

Health - Healing The Body

-With Positive Polarity Pulses-
It Produces Natural Energy

We do not claim the Bio-Energizing Zapper by itself will "cure" any illness but, by the unique use of positive polarity pulses (audio-sound) electronics. we "Zap" and destroy the parasite; after that, your body's immune systems can heal itself!

The Bio-Energizing Zapper is the First Effective low-cost device for Budget-Conscious patients who believe in natural healing through drug-free remedies, and it is recomended by health Professionals and many Doctors for purchase and home use.

The Bio-Energizing Zapper Kills Parasites, Bacteria and Viruses By Square Wave low voltage Audio Pulses which produce Electronic spikes as positive polarity pulses.

It is now widely known that your body is, in effect, not only a living "Chemical" machine, which has responded to Herbs and Medicines as far back as in ancient Egypt. Modern medicines (chemicals called "Drugs") various other medicines, antibiotics, and of Hormones are now used in treatment of diseases, but the body is also an "Electrically operated machine", which uses the brain and nerves as conductors, (somewhat like a computer) to regulate all the body's functions and organs by electrical currents. Many physicians have shown interest working with energy fields, and using these to heal illness by positive polarity pulses.

Healing Crisis Remedy

It is important to understand that during cleansing, the blood is actually "dirtier" than when one began. This can result in feeling worse before one can feel better. Some "detox symptoms" may occur, such as: nausea, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, runny nose, etc. Some call these flu-like symptoms a "healing crisis". It's a good sign! It shows that the cleaning process is effective; toxins are being expelled from the body and eliminated through wastes, mucus, etc by the energy of positive polarity pulses.

The most important thing to do when one exhibits these symptoms is to hydrate the body with water and green juices. This will allow the toxins to exit the body and help to decrease some of the discomfort of side effects. Don't give up! Cleansing will put one years ahead in the healing process according to many doctors.

Bio zapper Difference

The cheaper zapper has only two frequencies, one for Cancer and one for Parasites
but the output and intensities are identical to the larger M-7.

The differences are that the low-priced M-4 machine, called "The Genetic Energy Zapper", has a smaller low-cost "Vu meter", as seen in the photo, (on page bottom) for viewing the current level which serves your purpose of effectively monitoring the level of output. The M-7 has two larger professional meters; the second meter is a volt meter for reading the battery voltage or the line voltage coming from the wall adapter we supply'

2. The larger M-7 also has two extra frequencies, one for killing colon worms and bacteria, and one mid-range for viruses and fevers.
It also has a built in high quality rechargeable battery, and a built-in charger and controls.

The M-7 also has a speaker so the setting tones can be heard
to verify that the setting is correctly operating..

Both units have identical Hand-hold applicator tubes and Felt-faced metal applicator pads.

Both units have a two year Warranty.

The other difference is is in the size and looks. The craftsmanship is the same quality. Both are better in energizing your body than any other on the Internet at double the price. The basic circuit concept was received in a dream!
Both units are in a nice zippered carry-bag, and with easy written Instructions. We will be happy to send either one to you, together with a two-year warranty.

God Bless you!
Msgr. Dr. Howard E. May ThD

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

THE TRUTH about ZAPPERS to Stimulate Energy to the Immune System

By Msgr.Dr. Howard E. May
March 15, 2008 True Bio-Energizing Zappers cannot legally be produced or sold in the USA, but they can be given as a gift to someone who wants one.. All electronic devices are ruled by the USDA and FTC to be “experimental”,.and are restricted for sale until “approved” by “double-blind studies”, thus illegal by Government standards which supports the Drug Industry, and is popular with most doctors for protection of income.. Some doctors who used even the Dr.Bob Beck zapper, and/or some “copy” of Dr. Raymond Rife’s machine, have had their medical licenses revoked, and several have actually gone to prison for using “methods or devices” un-approved by the USDA!

The lone exception is in California which recently passed a law legalizing alternative methods which is why the Papimi Device is now being manufactured in California.

The sales tax alone is over $8,000 because it sells for $57,000. It uses high voltage, radiated magnetism, high energy R.F. and the selected frequencies discovered by Dr. Rife and later published by Hulda Clark…(eight pages in her book “The Cure for All Diseases”). all of which were OK in 1932, but impossible today because the radio tubes, high voltage transformers and other parts used in those days are not now manufactured anywhere in the world. (Some high voltage machines today use a neon-sign transformer!)

Dr. Hulda Clark published a lot of claims about her zapper’s "harmonics", and these claims are copied by a lot of others, copycats, who are ignorant of basic electronic facts. Fact number one is that despite all the fancy sales talk and false claims being made by her and various websites, all circuits being made today are Digital, not Analog, and Digital equipment does NOT produce any Harmonics! There is only one very expensive process to make R.F, signals of different frequencies and beat them together, as separate notes, as in musical notes, thus Digital frequencies can be blended, but these are NOT true “harmonics”. Any “harmonic” claim on any website raises a red flag. Beware of anything else told by promoters on any website making such claims, for they are either ignorant of basic electronics, or worse, they are deceitful. If searching for truth, read this blog , and the references listed at the end. Remember digital devices do NOT make Harmonics, and that is a scientific fact! A harmonic is a note double the frequency of the basic frequency generated, and is analog, as in music..

There is a lot of huffing and puffing on the internet about “Harmonics” There is more you need to know about “harmonics”. A harmonic in music is like if you strike the center “C” p[ano note. That note’s harmonic is one octave higher; a second harmonic 2 octaves higher, etc. If you have a radio-frequency note of 260 K, it is 260,000 (a Kilocycle is times 1000, (Ky = 1,000) so a “first harmonic” would be double the base frequency, thus would be 520 K. How could that be tuned to any germ’s harmonic “mortality killing frequency” if it was, say 382 K? This principle becomes complicated, so the shysters are able to confuse people. The truth? –The bottom line is, a “harmonic” is generally too weak to kill a parasite, even if they could produce one.

The harmonics which were produced by Dr.Raymond Rife’s Analog Signal generator were detectable only, as in music, to the second harmonic level, and they are then too weak to be effective. Also, if you had a tone of 6,000 hertz and another tone of 2,000 hertz (audio) applied together, you ear might hear a third tone created by beating the two together, as in an Italian made auto horn…but then a second level harmonic would be too weak to be heard,. and thus would be ineffective. (A first harmonic only has ½ the basic volume; so in a zapper the harmonic (IF there) would be too weak to be effective.}.

I guess in summary, it could be said, “ if you want the most expensive electronic High-Voltage Magnetic Radiation invention made anywhere in the world today, it is the Frequency machine, patented by an Italian Medical Doctor, Professor, Dr. Pappas, and his machine is effective to treat diseases, increase “Chi” Energy (and even cure cancer) so you could buy the Papimi; If you want the cheapest on the world market, buy the “Original Zapper” made by Dr. Hulda Clark. (The parts to built it costs only $3.20). If you don’t want that “cheapest” zapper but can’t afford the Papimi at $57,000, or a so-called Rife machine for $8,900 up to $13,000, why not improve your life by saving all that money and get the full featured MayCo Bio Energizing Zapper given as a free “thank-you gift” for a donation of only $250 made to Inter-Faith Church Ministries Inc. by our link (below) to PayPal by safe USA Credit card processing and we will send it to you by free pre-paid Express Airmail world wide! Our profits help fund and extend God’s Kingdom Read all the details and testimonials on
(link below)

I’m disgusted by the lies being told on several other websites No wonder the F.T.C, the USDA, and the Attorney General’ Offices are clamping down on various websites. Even well known Dr, Hulda Clark was fined by the District Federal Court in San Francisco and paid a fine of $100,000 plus court and attorney fees, and was warned to stop making “cure” claims on her websites, but she was doing it again but fate stepped in, and they can't arrest her again, for she passed away in September 2009. Despite all said, good and bad, her books are opening doors for people to know there are Alternative Medical Treatments available. You just have to be careful to consider whom and what to believe. A good site to read all the government’s Scientific reports, as gathered by Government appointed investigators on the subject, go with an open mind and check out the references..

The USDA is not the “big bad wolf” trying to blow down our “Alternative House” as many promoters claim; the fact is that those who scream the loudest against Government rules and regulations are often the ones bilking the public by pretending they have some new “breakthrough”! Incidentally, Hulda Clark is not the first inventor of a “zapper”.as she claims; there has been others, all the way back into the last 50 years of the 1800’s, when doctors treated patients with battery-power, hand cranked generators, and electric needles,. until about 1908 when John D. Rockefeller took over the medical and drug manufacturing business and claimed the use of electric energy treatment was a fraud, until the famous Dr. Royal Rife discovered how to combine the use of radiated Radio-Frequency transmission modulated with selected audio frequencies, RF Carrier waves to stop diseases or viruses and destroy cancer cells..

The MayCo Bio-Energizing Zapper uses only Audio square wave pulses and does not need the high-voltage RF Radiated waves or ”harmonics”. .Selected Positive Audio frequencies themselves are safer (can be used even on babies) and are able to energize the body, increase your “Chi energy” (Energy of Life) and at the same time penetrate the surface of all negative disease parasites, thus killing them, including intestinal worms, bacteria, or Viruses. It does not kill the helpful bacteria in your intestines, for those bacteria are “positive” in polarity; “positive” energy does not affect “positive” bacteria. It does however build up your own cells energy , and retards aging!

If you are considering purchasing a Zapper, see the MayCo Bio-Energizing zapper, or to save money you may select the smaller “genetic” model at half the price, See the M-4 Zapper at

If you or a loved one is fighting cancer, also see



Please read the following, which was given by the late Dr. Manuel D. Navarro, M.D., a Nutritional Oncologist, and who had a Clinic at his residence in Sta. Mesa, in Manila, and was still active in treating patients when he was well over eighty years old! He also had a Cancer Clinic at the University of Santo Thomas Medical Center in Manila, where he had been a Biochemist and Professor of Internal Medicine for many years. Dr. Navarro passed away mid-2004, but I am alive today, (March 30 2010) at age 88-years old and free from cancer, in part because of following Dr. Manuel Navarro’s advice, part of which I now relate here. I said ‘in part’ because I invented a helpful electronic machine in 1997 , as the result of a God-given dream, which I made only to kill my intestinal worms, but it also completely killed my colon cancer! That is why, now improved, it is named Gods Invention See it at <>

However this is only my story, as I am prevented by the USDA to give any medical advice for anyone in the US (or Canada) For medical advice, you may consult his son, Dr. Efren Navarro, M.D., at the same Clinic, 3553 Sining St., Morningside Terrace, Sta. Mesa, Manila, Philippines, or e-mail him His father, Dr. Navarro, was a very modest man, simply listing himself as an “M.D.” and Nutritional Oncologist. The truth is, he was listed in a book published in London England, as being among the “top ten” Oncologists in the entire world! He was also a brilliant Biochemist. He told he had written over 100 Scientific Reports papers, but the USDA clocked every one; yet he was able to save hundreds of “terminal” cancer patients by use of B-17, change of diet, supplements, and enzymes. (Enzymes are live chemical catalyst.) You can buy digestive enzymes.

Dr. Navarro was my doctor, who reversed my colon cancer, thus saving my life over eleven years ago. One of the most interesting things told to me by Dr. Navarro was, that in forty years of practice, he never had discovered anything better thanAmygdalin (Vitamin B-17), as found in the seeds of apricots, apples, prunes, peaches, and bitter almonds. (The ones from China). There was a famed psychic healer, who worked with doctors, and said “if you eat 10 bitter almonds a day, you will never get cancer.”

Food B-17 is also found in soybeans, mung bean sprouts, and in a hundred different vegetables, grains, nuts, wild-berries, blueberries, huckleberries, wild Oregon grape, and one of the very best sources is the familiar white tropical sweet potato, called Cassava, and that is what this blog is all about. Dr. Navarro told me he had a niece in Mindanao who developed cancer. She lived too far away fir him to treat her, and she could not afford to buy B-17, so he told her how to make it. Just from following his instructions she treated herself at home, and in four months the cancer was almost gone. Then through a Friendship Club she corresponded with an American, and they fell in love, He came to the Philippines, married her, and took her to the US. Eating American food, the cancer returned, and in another year she was gone. There is a moral in this story; you can control your cancer but you must continue doing the right things in order to prevent a return.– and Dr. Navarro told me an easy way to prepare B-17, and I used it myself. Before telling you how to make it, I will explain the rest of what he recommended to me.

1. Digestive enzymes, as found in fresh Pineapple and other fruit juice, helps de-shield the cancer-cell’s protective protein coating which cancer-cells get when we eat animal-source protein foods, (meat & milk). He said buy the German enzyme “Pancroflat” (Pancreatan) and Co’Enzyme Q-10, 300 mg. or more (from “Health Foods” stores} put on salads. Its best that you eat as many raw fruits, raw vegetable salads, etc, as possible. Use “Virgin Olive Oil”, or Virgin Coconut oil, four tablespoons a day plus Apple-Cider Vinegar, two tablespoons each and every day.

2. Vitamin “C” (not time delay) ten grams a day in 5 divided doses and “Natural” Vitamin “E” (400 iu. twice daily) Beta Carotene (15 mcg.) Niacin 200 mg./day, (flush free can be found) take sublingual B-12, (100 iu.) and Folic Acid, 400 mcg 2x day.

3. Plus, add the minerals, Selenium, 800 mcg., Zinc 100 mg. a day, and make and drink fresh juices, cabbage juice, pineapple juice, red beets juice and carrot juice (can be mixed), drink all you can every day. Best before meals (or whenever thirsty.) also drink only pure (filtered) water.not distilled.

4. Now I will tell what Dr. Manuel Navarro said is an effective low-cost treatment to stop and even reverse cancer growth. In the morning, before breakfast, take about 4 inches of average size Cassava root (about 3mm to 4 mm diameter) wash and peel off only the outer brown skin, (easier if you use a “potato peeler” , instead of a knife) then chop it into small pieces about 1mm. to 2 mm in size, and place in a food blender. Add two cups (16 ounces) of distilled water and blend at high speed. About two minutes is enough. Then pour the “Cassava Tea” into a wide mouth glass storage bottle, and cool it in the refrigerator.

After it sets awhile you will see that all the dissolved starch has settled to the bottom, and there is nearly two cups of clear liquid on the top. Drink one-half of this (one cup) in the morning before breakfast, and drink the other half in the early evening. It is slightly bitter, so you may add concentrated fruit juice or flavor. (The bitter taste is B-17). CAUTION: See Dr. Navarro’s Page, on the for his further explanation.

You should consume only about 4 inches of the root the first day, but each day thereafter you add ½ inch more until one day you will feel a little dizzy a few minutes after taking it, That says STOP, and that is your tolerance level, so use 1/2 inch less thereafter. It safely kills cancer, but be very careful not to exceed the daily recommended amount. This should not be given to children, unless supervised by a doctor.

It is NOT deadly “Cyanide”, it is only (B-17) called Amygdalin and is similar in formula to cyanide, but it lacks an “h” factor of the cyanide formula, and it is an amazing fact that only cancer cells, being non-aerobic, do produce within themselves only that missing “h” factor, and thus poison themselves when touched by B-17! – butall other cells are left untouched! -This was well explained by Dr, Navarro, which is published under his name on my website,

The South American Indians living in the heights of the central mountain areas… eat maize (corn) as their major food. They never have cancer. Their maize corn contains large amounts B-17!

The Eskimos of the Northern Artic do not have vegetables, but because they eat reindeer that feed on tundra grasses, which contain large amounts of B-17, they never get cancer!

The people of Hunza-land (about whom books have been written) never have had cancer in hundreds of years because they eat the seeds of a hardy apricot which contains concentrated B-17!The Chinese have known for centuries that those who eat several bitter almonds every day never get cancer! Even wild animals, deer, antelope, bears, never get cancer in the wild, but do die of cancer in the zoo! In the wild, they eat berries, grasses and “weeds” which contain B-17.

Also, in fighting cancer, try Romanian Dr. Budwig’s protocol, 2 tablespoons cold-pressed refrigerated Flax Oil Take 2X a day mixed with ½ cup of Cottage Cheese. (forSulfur) (Sulfur promotes healing.) Flaxseed oil is available in bottles from some Health-food Stores and through the Doctors who use supplemental healing methods, but it must be refrigerated from time of manufacture until time of consumption. Also, be aware that Flax-oil “capsules” (from Health Food stores) are worthless unless they are refrigerated.

A few final words of advice: Avoid artificial fats (margarine) and bakery products containing “hydrogenated” oils, and sugars, for it is the artificial fats and sugar which cause arterial deposits and high-blood pressure. You must avoid all “soft drinks”, and sugar; (cancer cells love sugar!) Sugar, and junk foods, not cholesterol, causes problems! Butter is okay; it is NOT the cause of high-blood pressure, for it is a natural fat easy to digest, and was eaten for centuries long before heart attacks became common!

The newest Medical Reports have proven that we have been deceived in being told to eat a “low-fat, high-carbohydrate” diet; the truth is the opposite! People who eat (natural) “high-fat low-carbohydrate” diets have the healthiest hearts. So eat wisely, and avoid potato chips, corn chips, and other such “junk foods“ as they are all made with the bad artificial fats! Having done all you can do to eat wisely pray for God’s Healing Energy, which He gives through proper life-style and proper diet!

(3rd John 2) “Beloved, I wish above all else that thou mayest prosper and be in good health even as thy soul prospereth.” (KJ. Bible)

Checkout these web-sites! They too have answers to cancer,:

Dr. Abram Hoffer M.D., Ph.D. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, who spent many years working in research with Linus Pauling, with Nobel prize winner discovered taking 10g or more of Vitamin C daily together with 3gs Divide of niacin Vitamin B3 will cure cancer in about of 90% patients secure his discoveries has been rejected by mainstream medicine who do not want a sample vitamin cure.

a cure for cancer:

“How B-17 works” (An excellent informative explanation)
Also articles “Metabolism of Vitamin B-17, and “Nitrilosides“, and others

Green and Gold International Exports
There are many web-page testimonials in many languages for Chinese Herbal TIANXIAN Herbal cancercure liquid. He has it in stock.