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M7 Model Function Machine

M7 Model Function Machine
M7 Model

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bio zapper Difference

The cheaper zapper has only two frequencies, one for Cancer and one for Parasites
but the output and intensities are identical to the larger M-7.

The differences are that the low-priced M-4 machine, called "The Genetic Energy Zapper", has a smaller low-cost "Vu meter", as seen in the photo, (on page bottom) for viewing the current level which serves your purpose of effectively monitoring the level of output. The M-7 has two larger professional meters; the second meter is a volt meter for reading the battery voltage or the line voltage coming from the wall adapter we supply'

2. The larger M-7 also has two extra frequencies, one for killing colon worms and bacteria, and one mid-range for viruses and fevers.
It also has a built in high quality rechargeable battery, and a built-in charger and controls.

The M-7 also has a speaker so the setting tones can be heard
to verify that the setting is correctly operating..

Both units have identical Hand-hold applicator tubes and Felt-faced metal applicator pads.

Both units have a two year Warranty.

The other difference is is in the size and looks. The craftsmanship is the same quality. Both are better in energizing your body than any other on the Internet at double the price. The basic circuit concept was received in a dream!
Both units are in a nice zippered carry-bag, and with easy written Instructions. We will be happy to send either one to you, together with a two-year warranty.

God Bless you!
Msgr. Dr. Howard E. May ThD

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