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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Alternative for Cancer Cure

You Can Stop Your Cancer

Learn How Cancers Are Caused and how curable, by what is called "Metabolic" Means, not by the "approved" Treatment Methods of Surgery, Chemo And Radiation, resulting In failure and Death , for over 96% of patient; This blog is base on Statistics do not lie


Energy Treatments which are ignore and covered up to billion $$$

Pharmaceutical Industry which pretends there is no better cure than surgery and drugs, and millions die a very painful death every year after spending a fortune on useless drugs enriching the sickness Industry, but Cancer is curable without great cost and pain. FIND THE TRUTH HERE!

Cancer Are curable, but the established Medical Industry are burying people by the millions who did not survive their treatments! Statistics prove there are better ways. Cancers truly are curable. Yes, Cancers are curable in China at the FUDA Cancer Hospital, at full 80% recovery for even stage 4 terminal cancer! Yes Cancer are Curable in Japan using a Red Mushrooms, an ancient Science, Modern Miracle. Cancer Are Curable in the Philippines’ where Cancers are Curable with Enzyme therapy. Cancer is 90% Curable adding

"ESSIAC " , an herbal tea from Canada where the medical Establishment got it rejected , because the 200 year old Herbal cure threatened profits from the a "approved" Cancer treatments. But now clinically proven 90% is pretty good for a 'useless' Indian Cancer Cure! It is available in China and the Philippines’. In Europe thousands of doctors are proving Cancer Are Curable by using a well known chemical you probably have in your kitchen.


(So Are All Diseases!)

HERE IS TRUTH! And proof what to do.

A Natural Cancer Cure? Yes it's here! You Can Believe Statistics ....THEY DON'T LIE! It cannot be hidden any longer. The below facts were ignored, to make more medical profits!

BAKING SODA Kills Cancer! This was known in 1931 by novel Prize Winner Dr. Warburg! His Discoveries were repressed by the AMA. And covered up after profitable anti - biotic penicillin was on the market.

I was surprised to learn about an Oncologist in Rome Italy, Dr. Tullio Simoncini, Baking Soda is safe, extremely inexpensive and unstoppable effective when it comes to cancer tissues. It reverses their acidic chemistry!

It's an irresistible chemical- like cyanide in cancer cells for it hits the cancer cells with a shock wave of alkalinity, which allows much more oxygen into the cancer cells than they can tolerate. Cancer cells cannot survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen. Baking soda is, for all intent and purposes, an instant killer of tumor! Why don't all doctors know this? Or do they?

Tumors that can be reached and irrigated directly with a Baking Soda solution can be fully treated in a matter of days. I have seen videos on the Internet of tumors taken by Dr. Simoncini before and after treatment. In many cases the tumor is virtually gone in 1-5 days.

Dr. Simoncini says that cancer is caused by fungus or Candida. Fungus can only live in an acid environment and it dies instantly when it comes into contact with Baking Soda because of its high alkalinity.

A cancer that is bathed locally and directly, responds immediately to treatment. Treatment consists of Baking Soda administered orally, by aerosol, and HIV. After the first treatment a reduction in the fungus and size of the tumor is evident.

If cancer strikes a particular organ or area that can't be reached, Baking Soda is administrable by catheter into an artery that feeds that organ or tissue. One items needs to be explained, As when using B - 17, using Soda can make you feel worse for a day or two because when a lot of cancer cells and parasites are rapidly killed, all that dead matter is toxic and may overload your liver, temporally you feel dizzy or have a headache. This is normal cleansing

Since perhaps it may be impossible to find a licensed doctor that will agree to administers Baking Soda, you will have to develop your own program. If the tumor is internal rather that external, you will not be able to irrigate it directly, therefore you will have to pretend upon getting the entire body pH high enough to kill the cancer. Just don't try to inject it yourself, you might ' overdo' it and change too quickly.

At a pH of 8.5 cancer cells will die while healthy cells will live. This has given rise to a variety of treatments based upon increasing the alkalinity of the tissues such as vegetarian diet, the drinking of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, and dietary supplementation with alkaline minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, cesium, and rubidium. But no other mineral can compare to the instant alkalizing power of Baking Soda for safe and effective treatment of cancer. It cost you less than 2 cents a day to treat your cancer with it! All cancer Are Curable if you use the right methods.

The pH scale goes from 0 - 14, with 7 being neutral. Below 7 is acid and above 7 is alkaline. The blood, lymph and cerebral spinal fluid in the human body are designed to be slightly alkaline at a pH of 7.4.

Cancer patient typically have a pH ranging between 4.5 and 5.5. This is a full2-3 points below what is considered normal. Even when pH is this low it generally takes few years for a body to develop cancer.

There is also danger in getting the body too alkaline, but like the body can survive for a years after being too low, people have lived for a years with their pH being too high. Personally I considered the danger of getting the pH high enough to kill the cancer to be small in comparison with the end result of the cancer or the treatment you may have to suffer through.

What is too high? When the pH drops below 4.0 the body will start producing ammonia, which is extremely alkaline to affect the acid. Older people often have a pH of 8.5 as a result of the ammonia for a number of years before they finally die. The acid smell that you experience when walking into an old folks home is the ammonia I am talking about.

Based upon these facts, it seems safe enough to use Baking Soda to get the pH as high as 8.5 long enough to kill the cancer and shrink the tumor. Taking the body pH up to 8.5 is only 1 full point above normal. Keeping it at that level for a short time while the tumors shrink should not pose a big threat. Being too alkaline for a few days or a few weeks could be a good thing and could serve to neutralize latent acids that have been stored in your body for decades.

The IMVA recommends Baking Soda so that the pH of the blood remains high, which in turn means that the blood is capable of carrying more oxygen. This in turn keeps every cell in the body at peak efficiently and helps the cell eliminate waste products.

Detoxification and chelating will proceed more easily and safely under slightly alkaline conditions. Increased urinary pH reduces oxidative injury in the kidney so it behooves us to work clinically with Baking Soda. Patients receiving Baking Soda achieved urine PHS of 6.5 as opposed to 5.6 with those receiving sodium chloride. This alkalinization is theorized to have a protective effect against the formation of free radicals that may cause neuropathology" Dr. Michael Metro.

Cancer seems to grow slowly in a highly acid environment( because the acids cause it to partially destroy itself) and may actually grow more quickly as your body becomes more alkaline prior to reaching the healthy pH slightly above 7.4 where the cancer becomes dormant. The objective here appears to be getting the pH to 8.5 sufficiently long enough to kill cancer rather than keeping it dormant. It mat takes a few weeks to accomplish this, but could happen in as little as 3 -5 days. It is dependent upon getting enough Baking Soda throughout the system that the cancer cells are eventually bathed in it.

After the cancer is dead, the ideal pH is 7.4 .It is useful to monitor urine pH daily to ensure that the body remains sufficiently alkaline.

We always knew how quickly Baking Soda could neutralize acid, but we wondered about it's safely. We have now learned that the only is it effective, but it is safe, quick, precise and inexpensive. Just a few pennies a day will keep cancer at arms length from us.

Baking Soda can be use to treat your drinking water also. It is a good idea to find the best source of drinking water possible. Do not drink water from soft plastic jugs you find on the grocery shelf. These jugs leach harmful chemicals into the water and the water source may not be pure to begin with. I once found a grasshopper in gallon of distilled water.

If you use distilled or reverse osmosis water, it is necessary to add extra Baking Soda. You should also add magnesium and perhaps some ionic minerals. Drink at least 1/2 ounce of water for each pound of body weight daily. This is required in addition in any juices or other liquids you may consume, in order to flush out your toxins and keep your blood clean.

In addition to adding some Baking soda to your drinking water, you will probably need to take an additional 1/4 tsp. of Baking Soda daily. For the first three days. A large person may need to take more. Preferably, take it on an empty stomach or wait at least two hours after eating so as not to neutralize the stomach acid that is designed to digest your food. Dilute it for less taste.

I weigh about 160 pounds and I personally used 3-4 tsp. daily but only for three days while I was detoxifying but now for maintenance I regularly use 2 tsp. of Baking Soda daily to maintain a proper pH. While detoxifying.

Test your urine pH first thing in the morning. Normal pH run 7.4, however you need a pH of 8.5 for several days or perhaps longer if you want the cancer to die. So until your cancer becomes dormant and starts to shrink, you may want to keep your keep your pH between 8.0 and 8.5 in the beginning.

Once your tumors are gone, reduce your intake of Baking Soda to keep your pH about 7.4 at the first morning void.

THE CAUSE OF CANCER; It is not a 'Parasite' disease, you don't catch it

Is YOUR OWN cells gone haywire after losing their positive energy? The great advance of knowing the prime cause of a disease is that it can then be attacked logically and over a broad front Dr. Otto Warburg

Cancer management and cancer cure are fundamentally different. In order to cure cancer, you must look at the cause or the root of the cancer. To manage cancer, you can poison it, burn it, or cut it out all without knowing anything about its origin.

There are two factors that are ALWAYS present with Cancer no matter what else may be present. Those two factors are Acid pH and Lack of Oxygen. We can manipulate these two factors that always have to be present for cancer to develop and by doing so the cancer cannot go on living - it must die. The obvious question - is it safe? Yes, in fact the same environment that kills cancer is the best environment for growing non - cancerous, healthy cells.

PH: What does it mean? PH is the abbreviation for Potential Hydrogen or the measurement of hydrogen- ion concentration of any solution. The higher the pH reading, the more acidic and oxygen deprived the fluid is. The pH scale is from 0 to 14 with 7.0 being neutral. Anything above 7.0 is alkaline; anything below 7.0 is acid.

There are two pH readings that we are primarily concerned about; the blood and the urine. Report #1 has focused mostly on urine pH and Report #3 will continue talking about the importance of modulating pH of the blood and how to do it.

To be considered healthy, human blood must maintain a narrow pH range of 7.365. Any slight variation means disease. If blood pH drops below 6.8 or increase above 7.8, cells stop functioning and the patient dies.

The human body does a miraculous job of keeping blood pH in tolerable limits. As I mentioned, cancer patients can have a urine pH below 5.0 for years and the person goes on living by robbing Sodium from the stomach and Calcium from the bones to neutralize the acid in the blood. This is why old people shrink because their bones are getting smaller.

On the other hand, when the urine pH is too high, the body starts grabbing acid that has been stored in the joints and muscles to neutralize the blood. That's why we see Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and other acid conditions disappear when using Baking Soda in this manner.

Blood pH is difficult to test, but home test kits are available to test urine and saliva pH. It's easy and simple to do.

pH litmus paper can be purchased in either strips or rolls. Catch the last drip of the first morning void on a piece of litmus paper and it will change color. Compare that color on the corresponding chart and you will scientifically know that pH of your urine.

Do not hold the litmus paper in the urine stream because the chemicals that caused it to change color will be washed away. The reason for checking the first morning void is because the bodily fluids have time to equalize overnight, which gives you a more accurate test. Do not test the first part of the stream, because that is when most of the sediment gets washed out of the bladder.

The pH number is an exponent number of 10 (the power of 10) therefore, a small difference in pH translates to a BIG difference in the number of oxygen or OH- ions. In other words, blood with a pH value of 7.3. To see the bigger picture, that number represents only 1o.5% of one point increase in pH.

Eastern medicine has worked closely with pH (acid and alkaline) for thousands of years. They refer to it’s as Yin and Yang. Although Western science and medicine pretends to be ignorant about the subject, they know more about pH than they are willing to admit. If modern medicine were to focus on correcting pH and nutritional imbalances in the body, there would be no job security for doctors and drug companies due to little need for their services.

As early as 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded a Nobel Prize for this research on cancer. Dr. Warburg's research states that “cancer cannot live in a pH of 7.0 “another way of making this same statement is," you can't get cancer if you keep your pH at 7.0 or slightly above.'' Maintaining a proper pH without balanced nutrition is not a guarantee of perfect health, it just means you won't get cancer! You need good nutrition to produce a healthy body. Report number 3 will talk more about nutrition.

To protect the money they make as a result of people getting cancer, the American Medical Association backed by the pharmaceutical - drug industry boycotted Dr. Warburg from ever coming to this country. They also put a squelch on the media to prevent Dr. Warburg's work from becoming widely known and because they control what is printed in the medical college textbooks, no mention of Dr. Warburg is found there either.

People are being destroyed for greed and for lack of knowledge. The information in these reports will empower you to take charge of your own destiny with very little cost in doing so.

Common knowledge of pH balancing would put most of the doctors and pharmacies out of business, and since you have probably never heard of Dr. Warburg, you can see that the A.M.A. did a good job of hiding his work. This is a good example of money being more valuable than human life and suffering.

People sadly believe that there can be no conspiracies today because the media would surely warn us, but the media is owned and controlled by these very same people. Politicians largely have no loyalty to the people, but to the media, oil companies and drug companies that paid for their campaigns. When the media refuses to report the truth, we would be better off without any media at all. Their lies have created a nation of people that can no longer think for themselves.

North Americans learn only what they are spoon-fed in public schools and by the media. Trilateral own virtually all of the media and they write the textbooks not only for our medical colleges, but also for schools at all levels. It is time we wake up to the fact that our best interests are of no concern to those who are in control.

Now that we understand a little bit about why haven't been exposed to this information, let's get to the subject at hand. Acid blood causes disease, one of those diseases being cancer. PH is the dividing line between health and disease. Low pH means very little if any oxygen available to the cells.

In the absence of oxygen, glucose undergoes fermentation to lactic acid. This causes the pH of the cell to drop even lower. Urine pH of terminal Cancer patients almost always runs between 4.0 and 5.5. When the cancer goes into metastases the pH drops even lower. Your body simply cannot fight disease if your body pH is not properly balanced.

There are entire books devoted to the subject of pH. One such book written by Theodore Baroody is Alkalize or Die. That is what we are talking about here. It is really that important!

Cancer loves acid. Cancer needs an acid/ low oxygen environment to survive and flourish. Terminal Cancer patients are about 1000 times more acidic than they should be. This equates to dangerously low amounts of oxygen at the cellular level. One point of decrease in pH equals a decrease in oxygen to the tenth power.

Dr. Otto Warburg, two times Nobel Prize winner, stated in this book, the Metabolism of Tumors, that the primary causes of cancer was the replacement of oxygen in the respiratory cell chemistry by the fermentation of sugar. The growth of cancer cells is initiated by a fermentation process, which can be triggered only in the absence of oxygen at the cell level. Cancer cells are sick cells, and need oxygen and electrical "chi" energy stimulation if they can be stimulated to become normal cells again.

What Warburg was describing was a classic picture of acidic conditions. Just like overworked muscle cells manufacture lactic acid by products as waste, cancerous cells spill lactic acid and other acidic compounds causing acid pH.

Cancer tissues have a much higher concentration of toxic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, etc. than do healthy tissues. So it is very important to drink plenty of clean filtered water, along with fruit juices, supplements, minerals, natural vitamins, digestive pancreatic enzymes, along with L - glutathione to cleanse the body of many toxins.

The establishment has purposely kept the cure for cancer a mystery for years since Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded a Nobel Prize for discovering the cause and cure for cancer. Proof lies in the fact that you have never read this information in a single textbook even though you can research the Nobel Prize he received.

There are three professions that as a rule purposely mystify knowledge surrounding those professions with the intent of extracting large sums of money from their credulous followers. Christ referred to them as Priest Craft, Lawyer Craft and Doctor Craft.

Essentially the Priest says you can't find God without going through me, the lawyer says you can't find justice without going through me and the doctor says you can't find health without going through me. These professions could all exist without the associated craft, but they would be humble professions indeed. But these crafts often exist because of greed.

There is legitimate need for doctors. The doctor should be there to set broken bones and stitch up injuries, but to mystify disease such as cancer so they can extract huge sums of money from hapless people is a crime. Not all doctors are part of the conspiracy. First of all, in the USA they can only practice what they are taught in medical school and what the law allows. The medical textbooks are written by the drug companies so modern doctors are trained (to be drug salesman) in the art of prescribing what we call legal drugs. Legal or Not, all drugs kill, which truth can be substantiated by obtaining a copy of the Physicians Desk reference or PDR. In the Philippines there is the Philippines College For Advancement in Medicine Foundation Incorporated which has about 200 or more Health Professionals, Doctors, Nurses, Natural paths, Herbalist, A Bio - Chemist working with doctors, and I am a Life Time Member and Health Researcher on the Research Committee, You don't need to go to China to get the 80% cancer cure ; come to Philippines where English is spoken, the economy is better, and effective cancer treatment is cheap by American standards, and a cure under PCAM Medical doctors can often be more rapid.

I am Missionary, so I am a Bible reader and I make no apologies because truth is truth no matter where it comes from, but in Bible is considered to be the ultimate and most accurate source of truth in the world! The Bible say's "My People perish for lack of knowledge." It also say's that "the truth will set you (people) free." The truth is told here because you have a right to the truth! Real truth is historical, and based on statistics. It does not take a genius to recognize that the establishment's cancer treatment are a 96% failure, yet most Oncologist will still tell you " There are only three cures for cancer, surgery, Chemo - therapy, and Radiation," If I had believed that in 1988, statistics say my chances of being here today would be less than 30%.of 100. Statistics say I would not be here writing this report.

I myself read a survey made more than 30 years ago by the University of Southern California Medical School and published in the " Midnight" Magazine sold on new-stands; They surveyed the life - spans of thousands of cancer patients which were put into two groups. One group was those who refused surgery and Chemo, and the second groups were those who had surgery and Chemo. The survey was to determine average lifespan from time of detection to time of death. The average of group one was 7 years...the second group given all the "best" medical treatments, lived an average of 3 1/2 years! What does that tell you? Doctors are helping the patients to die in half the time and after great expense and agony. So which group would you choose?

Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surgery do not address the truth about cancer; they only address and treat the result or the symptoms of cancer. Those treatments are “Frauds ", not the simpler use of “Alternatives”.

When we have an oil spill in the ocean that starts killing birds, fish and mammals, no amount of drugs, radiation or surgery is going to provide a cure. The cause of the disease is like an oil spill and it must be cleaned up.

If you have cancer, you are suffering from an oil spill inside your body. Your body has absorbed petrochemicals( chemicals made from oil ) everyday of your life from the air you breathe, the food you eat, the things you drink, the medications you take and from personal care and household products that touch your skin each day.

Your are breathing air that is filled with automobile exhaust, chem.-trails and industrial waste. Inside your home, synthetic carpets, furniture, paint, air fresheners, etc are off gassing petrochemicals that are all part of your problem. The air inside your home is even worse than the air outside, except on days when they are spraying chem. trails from airplanes or pesticides for mosquito and bug control.

You are eating foods that are grown with chemical fertilizers and sprayed with chemical pesticides. Anything that will kill a bug will kill a human too. You are just consuming small enough amounts to kill you slowly rather than quickly. Many other chemicals are added to foods including MSG and different forms of glycol, which is the active ingredient in antifreeze they put in your car.

The water you drink is polluted with hundreds if not thousands of chemicals, to which they add chlorine and fluoride, which both lead to cancer. To the water we add coffee, sweeteners, artificial colors, carbon dioxide and who knows how many other things that all lead to acid and cancer in the body.

These are some of the causes of cancer and cancer brings a lot of suffering and perhaps missing body parts before the cancer brings a lot of uncertainly. The best you can hope for through the channels of modern medicines is a lot of suffering and perhaps missing body parts before the cancers goes into remission. However, many cancers never go into remission and the patient dies after all of their suffering. Just because doctors don't have a cure for cancer, does that mean a cure doesn't exist? The reason you are reading this report is because you or someone you know went to the Internet searching for a Cancer Cure.

I cured my own cancer naturally and I have absolutely no fear of cancer ever returning because I know what causes cancer and therefore how to prevent it. Cancer no longer is a mystery. Cancer is a simple biological response to your inner biological terrain. All you need is to think and choose what works, not that which fails. The largest three Cancer Hospitals in China now have a publish cure rate of 80% for stage 4 cancer, based on using combined Metabolic, Thermal, Herbal, Enzymes, and restoring of " chi" energy for health. You can get energy from a simple low cost electronic invention, the May Co Bio - Energizing I honestly believe you can build your health and add years to your life. I have given you a gift - a natural cancer cure that is almost without cost. if you do nothing with it. You will not rejoice in the gift and my many years of research will, for you have been in vain.