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M7 Model Function Machine

M7 Model Function Machine
M7 Model

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bio Zapper Information

How It Works

Health - Healing The Body

-With Positive Polarity Pulses-
It Produces Natural Energy

We do not claim the Bio-Energizing Zapper by itself will "cure" any illness but, by the unique use of positive polarity pulses (audio-sound) electronics. we "Zap" and destroy the parasite; after that, your body's immune systems can heal itself!

The Bio-Energizing Zapper is the First Effective low-cost device for Budget-Conscious patients who believe in natural healing through drug-free remedies, and it is recomended by health Professionals and many Doctors for purchase and home use.

The Bio-Energizing Zapper Kills Parasites, Bacteria and Viruses By Square Wave low voltage Audio Pulses which produce Electronic spikes as positive polarity pulses.

It is now widely known that your body is, in effect, not only a living "Chemical" machine, which has responded to Herbs and Medicines as far back as in ancient Egypt. Modern medicines (chemicals called "Drugs") various other medicines, antibiotics, and of Hormones are now used in treatment of diseases, but the body is also an "Electrically operated machine", which uses the brain and nerves as conductors, (somewhat like a computer) to regulate all the body's functions and organs by electrical currents. Many physicians have shown interest working with energy fields, and using these to heal illness by positive polarity pulses.

Healing Crisis Remedy

It is important to understand that during cleansing, the blood is actually "dirtier" than when one began. This can result in feeling worse before one can feel better. Some "detox symptoms" may occur, such as: nausea, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, runny nose, etc. Some call these flu-like symptoms a "healing crisis". It's a good sign! It shows that the cleaning process is effective; toxins are being expelled from the body and eliminated through wastes, mucus, etc by the energy of positive polarity pulses.

The most important thing to do when one exhibits these symptoms is to hydrate the body with water and green juices. This will allow the toxins to exit the body and help to decrease some of the discomfort of side effects. Don't give up! Cleansing will put one years ahead in the healing process according to many doctors.

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